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Why is Data Science and Business Analytics
Core to the Future of Business Transformation?


- Clarity - 
Problems and Opportunities

Business in the Era of Digital Transformation requires Business Analytics and Data Science skills to identify, assess and drive clarity of any business problem or opportunity at hand.  The best leaders in business drive value by instilling clarity throughout the organization to solve problems and drive innovation. 


Some experts claim 80% of Analytics projects fail due to not clearly defining the problem.  Through proper education and practice of problem definition and valued outcome clarity with story telling, business leaders can demonstrate their ability to not only identify the problem but also articulate the value to the business.  

- DATA - 
Data is Democratized

Data is the root of the digital journey - where all decisions and business value begins. Data drives every valued outcome by leveraging data sources to apply business analysis and data science to a range of value points; supply chain, marketing, product design, healthcare, or even Social.  Leveraging advanced data science to leverage Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Applications  are all the methods to derive benefits.


Through the clarity of problems or opportunities, we step into the world of data and its sources.  The Mining, research, understanding, interpreting and gathering of relevant facts is critical to any transformational journey.   

- Technology - 
Automation and Speed

The goal line is achieved faster through the application of technology.  When we are able to connect Problem definition clarity and tap into the right data sources, we then can leverage technology to provide the analytics, automation, and visualization to describe and tell a full story of "what is" and "what can be". 


This is how we bring forward decision making for key leaders. These decisions will most often lay the foundation for strategy and direction with the tactical requirements to achieve end goals.  Think of technology as the 3rd critical component of the Triad (Problem, Data, and Technology).

- Careers -
Value Creating Leadership


As more companies of all sizes focus on their next stage of growth and transformation, one of the key requirements of future talent is to better understand how to leverage company assets efficiently, to bring value to the growth of an organization and to build the connection between today's operating model and the potential future options. 


At SetCONNECT along with our industry connections, we have noticed one common thread amongst leaders of tomorrow;  The ability to solve problems with data and technology with clarity is the most demanding skillset for digital transformation.

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