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Real World Value

SetCONNECT Clients Spotlights

Real-world Analytics Challenge (RAC)

Wabco is one of the key participants in this win-win-win program with several projects identified to engage student teams from our education partners. 

A leading global supplier of technologies & services that improve the safety, efficiency & connectivity of commercial vehicles.


Part of the ZF

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Wabco Background

ZF Wabco India is part of the ZF Group Commercial Vehicle Control Systems Division. A leader in advanced braking systems and conventional braking products, Wabco provides industry-leading solutions to the commercial vehicles industry in India. Driven by the passion for innovation and excellence in execution,   the executive leadership firmly believes in the power of data analytics to enable digital transformation. 


Our Partnership Journey

Our journey together began with a Webinar attended by senior executives from Wabco India. Intrigued by the Power of Analytics and the success stories presented by our Founder and CEO Dr. Ramesh Rajagopalan, Wabco invited SetCONNECT to conduct an Executive Immersion in Analytics workshop exclusively to the top  25 senior executives of the company.  Rest, as they, is history. 


What We Delivered

Business Analytics Competency Programs

Over 50 members of Wabco team trained in Bsusiness Analytics.

  • Executive Immersion in Analytics Workshop, 25 senior executives.

  • Business Analytics course, jointly conducted with IACC.  10 attendees from Wabco (team members and Managers).


  • Introduction to Business Analytics, conducted in partnership with TVS Training and Services.  15 nominated and attended from Wabco.

Client Feedback

“I am truly impressed by the impact of analytics on value being generated by the sample companies shared in the presentation… I am convinced that we have to commit to deriving insights and business value from our data”.    

Wabco Senior Executive

“We need to be empowered by data as well as skills needs to leverage the insights (from the data).. our session with SetCONNECT opened our eyes and ears to the exciting world of data analytics.  The demand forecasting project initiated during that session is now institutionalized; our demand planning is now dramatically improved”

Wabco Senior Executive

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