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Advancing Aspirations of Institutions and Students Served

Full Scale Business Analytics Curriculum 

SetConnect has developed a world class education structure focused on foundational skills, advanced specialization and unique real world analytics challenges which students will learn from.  As a Strategic partner, we work closely to design and build the program suited for institutions who aspire to offer students and learners the skills required to prepare for a thriving career.  

World Class
Faculty Support 

Our SetConnect Faculty Community includes industry experienced professionals and world class educators who have unique perspectives in a broad set of verticals. 


Our faculty and advisors participate in delivering industry workshops and SetConnect courses for your student needs .

Industry Community & Connections


One drawback of the academic community is to offer real world experience and advice from industry.  SetConnect continues to build and grow a community of industry partners who wish to offer students the challenge to solve real problems in business.  This provides learners with the first hand experience of leveraging the skills gained through our partnership.

Certification /
Short courses

SetConnect provides short course programs and certifications for Institutions.  These focus on very specific subjects that deliver a unique targeted experience for students.  

Courses ranging from Leadership, Analytics Modeling, Marketing Analytics, Supply Chain, Visualization and Immersion options are offered through a partnership.  

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