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REPLACE MET  The Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur (MNIT) is strengthening its focus on Business Analytics, for which it currently offers programs through its Department of Management. MNIT, one of the country’s leading academic institutions has a history of providing high-quality, relevant programs to its students.

MNIT sees that strengthening its Business Analytics offerings will be very valuable for its student community. To further its faculty’s exposure to this field, the institute has joined the Faculty Development Program of SetConnect Inc.  

The Research Seminar, held as part of the intensive SetConnect Faculty Development program, was inaugurated by Dr Uday Yeragatti , Director of the Institute. Dr Yeragatti stated that “Data analytics is a topic of fascination in both the business world as well as the political world. It is now greatly relevant for research as well. We know that crude oil has limited value – but it’s worth grows when it is processed. Similarly, when data is processed through analytics and insights are obtained it is extremely valuable. When research work is strengthened through analytics it provides results that are meaningful and applicable.”

Dr. Yeragatti pointed out that Data Science and Analytics is no longer restricted only to the MBA department or the Computer Science department but is applicable for all disciplines of engineering. “Research has for long been the backbone of Technical Education. Analytics supports research by making it more impactful not only in sophisticated areas but also in day-to-day necessities for people. Our governments, whether it is the state or the central government, rely on detailed analytics to better understand and implement policy measures. Given this importance of analytics, we are glad that the SetConnect team has come forward to support MNIT faculty with this research seminar and the faculty development program. Both our new faculty members as well as existing faculty members are benefiting from this workshop”.

Dr Ramesh Rajagopalan, CEO of SetConnect Inc., welcoming Professor Yeragatti “We are very encouraged that MNIT has extended its support for Business Analytics by joining the 6- week faculty development program. We are delighted by the presence of Professor Yeragatti, a seasoned academic leader in our program. The global shortage of talent in Analytics and Data Science has made it imperative that national institutes of repute enlarge their offerings in this field”. Noting that research in analytics is getting increased global attention, Dr Ramesh  Rajagopalan pointed that the Research Seminar would cover contemporary and exciting topics that are the subject of research. These are not only extremely relevant to industry from a commercial standpoint but are also of societal importance.

Various experts presented advanced analytics applications and research projects during the Seminar. Dr. Raghav Rau shared product information on “LogMiner – an artificial intelligence solution for anomaly detection”. Dr. Diwakar provided an excellent exposition on “Geospatial Analysis: Typical adaptations in India”. Dr Deepak Verma from MNIT, shared his experiences on the “Data challenges in Behavioral Research”.

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