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The SetCONNECT Experience 

Outcome Centric
Training & Development 


For Learning Partners

Data Analytics Program Engagement

SetCONNECT is focused on creating a partnership to design programs customized for our education partners.   Education partners range from Learning Institutions and Corporate Learning organizations who serve the business.


With an estimated 12 million opportunities within 5 years, the talent gap continues to concern companies worldwide.  Digital transformation continues to be rooted in data. 


SetCONNECT partners with education partners to leverage technology and data science techniques to solve real world problems.


Our Education partnerships focus on customized curriculums and programs ranging from certification, to full length course work.   

We have a 3 Phase engagement model centered around our ACE (Analytics Center of Excellence) methodology and programs.  

A Deeper Dive....


Our Model of engagement with learning partners:


Collaborate and align

  • Study the marketplace aligned to the institution

  • Determine the standing of the educational institution

  • Understand the aspirations and strategic objectives of the educational institution

  • Finalize the roadmap and enter into a partnership

Each educational institution has a distinctive standing in the marketplace that it serves. Each educational institution has a different set of reasons for launching courses in data science / business analytics.   Our goals is to align with the aspirations and strategic objectives of our educational partners.   Through interactions with the key academic and administrative leaders including the trustees, we create and finalize an engagement roadmap and sign a partnership  agreement 

Design and schedule

  • Create a roadmap to implement a series of time-bound activities:

  • Formalize engagement plan through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

  • Sign an agreement to execute time-bound activities:

  • Deliver global education to students

  • Strengthen and reimagine industry relationship and collaboration

  • Develop and execute faculty development program

  • Define and conduct industry research   

  • Finalize roles and responsibilities and jointly launch the activities  

Implement and evaluate

  • Guide the educational institution move through the different stages of journey:

    • Act as a partner and a subject matter expert

    • Nurture faculty resources and implement a build, operate and transfer model

    • Provide domain expertise to help attain self-sufficiency


Benefits of engaging SetCONNECT as an education partner  

  • Significantly lower learning curve through the educational partnership that brings expert guidance, in-depth understanding of global education an industry needs 

  • Ready to deliver curriculum (fasTrac) hosted on the best-in-class Learning Management System (LMS)  

  • Minimal time to market for programs and offerings ranging from certifications to one-year PGP in Data Science and Business Analytics

  • Flexible and modular design to support  to the  short term course, certifications, diploma courses or a full-fledged one-year PG programs  

  • Gain access to international panel of faculty members with extensive industry experience and highly accomplished academic background

  • Provide students with learning experience rich in academic rigor and practical clinical experience 

  • Access to global quality of education and state-of-the-art blended learning models

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