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Real World Business Analytics Projects

Industry Connections for Aspiring Students and Career Professionals

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Real World Industry Problems 


Real World Case Studies Pacticed 


Outcome Centric   Programs



Industry Connections  & Projects

Value and Outcomes for Vertical Industry Projects.

Through our network of business leaders and communities, we curate projects that are meaningful and deliver value back to our prospective partners and students. Together we leverage the skills gained to deliver on a project that either solves a business problem or accelerates business opportunities.   

Our partner institutions build the talent required the digital journey while SetConnect delivers on education programs that foster an analytics center of excellence and real world analytics challenges for students of our partner programs.


Real World Analytics 

Our real-world analytics challenge programs offers students a meaningful project that delivers on real world experience and real world problems to solve. This puts these students closer to the advanced level of innovations to ensure clarity of problem, analytics to deepen learning, apply current in-demand technologies to solve business needs, and gain experience to enter the field of Data Science with confidence.  

With our institutional partners, we work as one to design a model that delivers a best-in-class value position for prospective students.


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