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Implement Your Education Program

A Modular Learning Framework
From Foundations to Specializations, 
Certifications and Long Term Development


fasTrac™ is our proven program architecture with a continuous focus on capabability, agility, and deep skills in business analytics processes proven in the real world, and real world challenges in projects our partner companies set out to solve.


Our program equips you with the essential skills required to prepare for a career in business and data analytics. It enables you to master core analytics areas of building models to solve different problems that range across all industries, use-cases, and operational business models.


The program comprehensively covers predictive analytics, machine learning and prescriptive analytics. A broad range of business applications for these modeling techniques will be presented. It is part of the foundation and application layers in SetConnect’s fasTrac™ methodology.

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Leveraging our proven methodology to drive innovation, identify and dolve problems and to create a data driven and problem / opportunity first focus.

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