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The SetCONNECT Experience 

Outcome Centric
Training & Development 


For Corporate Clients

Data Analytics Program Engagement

SetCONNECT is focused on creating a partnership to design programs customized for our corporate clients.   Every organization is different yet we all face the same overall goals.  We want to grow the business, retain talent, solve problems intelligently, and identify new opportunities for the organization.  And we all want to develop our careers in cultures supporting learning, growth and recognition.   

Our corporate clients continue to evaluate their business to identify areas of improvement.   At SetCONNECT, we believe the most meaningful changes in business starts with business analytics and the science of data.   Working professionals, managers and executive teams  can find tremendous value in a program designed to pivot their lens towards the problems and how data can drive clarity of the value of solving problems.  


We have a 3 Phase engagement model centered around our ACE (Analytics Center of Excellence) methodology and programs. 

Through the development of competency and curating centers of excellence in business analytics, all employees will align and together develop a data centric operating culture.  From here all business possibilities are within the grasp of the organization.

A deeper diver into how we operate:


Our customized engagement approach with our corporate clients includes a partnership in understanding and high value integration.   Courses or Tools alone focus on the tactical.  In addition to technology our process focuses on business outcomes that matter and can sustain and deliver value to the business and its employees.     Below is a extract of what to expect in each phase when working with your SetCONNECT Advisor.


Phase 1: Collaborate and align

  • Understand the needs and priorities of the organization.

  • Diagnose the stage of analytics maturity of the organization   

  • Engage the leadership team and key influencers through

  • Immersion work shops

  • White board sessions   

  • Design reviews to create an analytics roadmap for the company

Phase 2: Design and schedule

  • Design a series of time-bound activities to steer the company towards a culture of data driven decision making:

  • Education and Training

  • Real-world Analytics Challenge initiatives   

  • Nurturing in-house champions

Phase 3: Implement and evaluate

  • Help the organization implement its plan captured in the analytics roadmap:

  • ‘Light Touch’ mentoring  to keep the organization on track

  • Simple navigation guides to review and monitor growth along the learning curve

  • Help the company maintain control on its progress and move towards self-sufficiency


Benefits of engaging SetCONNECT as a partner in your analytics journey  

  • Significantly lower learning curve through data, analytics and allied technology partnership with SetCONNECT  

  • Reap the benefits of advanced analytics while educating/ mentoring/ training as required

  • Gain long-term self-sufficiency through in-house analytics competency

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