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Real World Value

SetCONNECT Workshop Series

Join this Informative Session!  

FORE, In partnership with SetCONNECT Inc,

is pleased to offer

The Real World Analytics Challenge Web Series


Join us for one of our informative sessions! 

Are you presented with the challenge of initiating, incubating and implementing data and analytics projects in your organization?

Join us for an introductory session on how you can learn from our experienced international faculty on the common pitfalls for failure of analytics projects and how our RAC (Real World Analytics Challenge) Opportunities framework can help you in get better value through faster and effective execution of analytics projects.

Delivered by SetCONNECT Inc. (In Partnership with FORE
SetCONNECT Founded in Austin, Texas USA with Operations throughout India

Why Join this Workshop?


Are you stuck in how to make better decisions through Business  Analytics?

Learn how Business Analytics is the difference between great and average decision making.  And Great or Average organizations.


Why Business Analytics Matters in your decision making?

Business leaders are measured by value creation. 


Through the power of Data and Business Analytics, you can build value clarity in problems to solve and identify valued opportunities for innovation. 


Join us for round 1 of this important topic to enhance your business.  


What will you learn?

Why Business  Analytics?

Why Data and Analytics is the foundation of future innovation, differentiates leadership and builds competitive advantage. 


How to Simplify Implementation?

How to simplify the operating model to apply data and analytics to enhance business decision making


How to Start Creating Value and Results ?

Identify and Pursue Value Generating - Real World Analytics projects that solve real business problems.

RVIM Partnership with SetCONNECT  

“RVIM, a stand-alone premier B-School wants to be known for our competence and capability in the area of Business Analytics – which is the way forward.


This is the reason why we have partnered with SetConnect Inc., USA. We wish to draw synergies from each other and emerge as a Centre of Excellence in true spirit.


Technology and Management have become like two strands of DNA and Business Analytics is the connecting link between the two. Therefore, Business Analytics skills are much sought after.”

Prof. Bung,

Director, RV Institute of Management

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