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Developing Programs for Business Transformation Skills 

Career Development

Skills Workshops

SetConnect delivers programs and education to raise the skills of your workforce.  As you bring new and current employees into the next generation of leaders, we have developed value added learning programs in Business Analytics, Data Science, ML, AI, CyberSecurity and value driven programs to raise the bar.

Career Development 
Retaining top talent and attracting new talent requires a culture of learning, coaching and mentoring.  As Part of SetConnect's programs, we support our clients vision to focus on a continuous learning culture with a data first strategy.   

The digital journey and next generation leaders will expect this from the business.


Organizations who value a data driven first business approach are finding value in creating a center of excellence or competency to drive an overall company strategy in business Analytics.  The ACE model from SetConnect sets up the framework, curriculum, and roles involved in establishing a analytics center to become the in-house specialists to enhance company values and on-boarding models.

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