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Career Development

Talent Mentoring

Our SetConnect Mentoring approach is a 1x1 or small group dialog via our members system.  As part of our business, we offer a subscription service to provide you with industry professional mentors who can help you select your path.


Our SetConnections Community is a place to focus on Data Science trends and conversations that will help you and others navigate the opportunities ahead.  The more you participate in this exclusive community the broader your opportunity to build your career.

Industry Connections


Our SetConnect Community is full of industry experienced professionals who have unique perspectives in a broad set of verticals.   Many of our industry connections and advisors participate in industry workshops and SetConnect courses .

Career Development

SetConnect is working with industry partners who desire to advance the careers of its employees to ensure a data science culture.  Alternatively career changers seek to advance their careers.  In any case, SetConnect serves learners and students in both learning institutions and organizations.

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