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Build Your Business Analytics Center of Excellence (ACE)

Establishing an Analytics Center of Excellence helps develop competency for both universities and organizations.  SetConnect's foundation in value driven data driven operating models is rooted in foundational skills and specializations to help students and career professionals thrive while tackling mission critical business problems while discovering new opportunities for growth.

What is SetConnect A.C.E?

A.C.E is a process learning model combined with the delivery of certification and customized course work to deliver on key objectives that helps drive value.

Our "ACE" framework is customized for corporations to provide organizations with the programmatic planning, design and delivery of skills and career development tracks to ensure a culture of data analytics as a first step to driving business value.

The framework is now being used by Universities as their overarching strategy by which curriculum and certifications can be implemented to deliver unique programs to students that help differentiate their value to the market upon graduations.

Through "ACE" - we prepare participants for subsequent learnings in the core analytics areas of building models to solve different problems, whether in business, technical or research domains.  

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