Welcome To SetCONNECT!

Founded in Austin Texas by global business leaders who understand and have applied the power of data science and business analytics as the foundation of digital transformation and business decision making.
We SET out to inspire, teach and develop talented and aspiring professionals to incorporate new skills, capabilities and techniques into the business fabric of tomorrow through the power of business analysis and data science 
We CONNECT with companies, learning partners, and learners to make this happen through proven strategies, methods, courses, training and mentoring. 

Our Vision

Connect leaders to the revolution of digital transformation through the power of data analytics, education and technology.

Our Mission

Design, create and deliver world class education for corporate teams and aspiring students to advance global competency in business analytics, data science  and AI/ML.

12M Data Science Opportunities

 in the next 5 years 

We Help Companies and

Learning Organizations Close this Talent Gap and Curate the Data Driven Enterprise


What We Do...

SetCONNECT Designs, Develops, and Delivers Diverse Learning programs focused on all stages of capability development.


Who Benefits...

Designed for talented, aspiring career professionals and leaders who understand data science and business analytics is the career and business foundational requirement for the future of work.​


Who We Serve...

We serve forward looking companies and learning partners.   Our clients serve employees and students.  Our clients believe and understand the economic needs and growth value of building a data driven and fact based culture.  Our sponsors set out to infuse problem solving expertise throughout the organizations DNA resulting in a sustainable culture of Innovation, Value and Growth.